Daze’ Lisenkoff Ph.D.,C.Ht.

“The Clairvoyant Doctor”

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Master and Intuitive

Mission Statement

The Feel Good Place was started to help people who have situation get well. It also share with people how to develop their psychic abilities, than how to use them. Whatever the goal is we can help you accomplish it. Every one has situations in their life, we can help.

Staring in March I am starting a Blog- Metaphysically Speaking. Using all of my years of teaching I will share with you what I know. I will answer questions and read your hand print that are sent to me at daze@thefeelgoodplace.com






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With Daze’s loving guidance, I am living the life I was chosen to live. It has not always been easy, but she has been my voice of reason and given me her unwavering support. Sometimes, actually most times, Daze’ knows me better than I know myself. I frequently thank the Universe for giving me the honor and privilege to know Daze’ and look forward to achieving my life’s goals with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

Love ya, Michele

Dr. Daze is an astoundingly accurate intuitive coach and healer! In my first conversation with her she advised me that a current client was not being honest with me and hit the nail on the head and verified for me that I needed to get rid of this client who was never going to pay me the money that she owed me. I was so impressed that I asked Daze to tell continue the process with me and she began to coach me on how build by new company that I had recently launched. She said that I would get the current prospective client if I gave it some time, and that my was company would prosper and that I needed to focus on getting two new clients and write a business plan as well to create my vision. Within weeks that client came through as she said and I got another one who is of celebrity status a few weeks later!
Daze’ was right on the money and I asked her to do any other healing work with me that she suggested.

The story continues as she did an amazing hypnotherapy session with me that was different from any other kind of hypnotherapy I have had in the past.

She was able to identify deep childhood issues immediately, and heal them right in the session on a sub-conscious level. The next day I felt like I had released issues that I have struggled with for years and felt empowered with a new sense of confidence.

Daze’ can pinpoint your life issues and zoom in with an action
plan for success. She is number one in my book!

Linda Bloom, M.A.



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