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Why and How To Dress A Candle



Just a few tips from my E-book

Sucessfully Burning Candles.

Why and How to Dress a Candle.

Dressing a candle is no more them putting your vibration, thoughts and outcome you want into the candles vibration FORCE. There are just certain rules you must follow.

Rule# 1: Every candle must be anointed with oil.

Rule#2: Understand that all candles have a North and South Pole polarity – the same as a magnet. With anointing the candles correctly you imprint your goals in the electromagnetic field of the candle. Which is necessary to begin to develop the thought forms that will be physically manifested. If you do it incorrectly – you don’t get anything!


Looking at the candle above, you see where the Middle, North Pole and South Pole are located. The middle of the candle is the starting point when anointing your candle with oil and impressing your vibrations on it.

Rule#4: You will apply the oil starting at the middle of the candle. stroking or rubbing the candle toward the top of the candle. Always stroke the candle in the same direction! Stroke the candle 7 times in the SAME DIRECTION, projecting exactly what you want to happen.


Than starting at the middle of the candle, apply your anointing oil, stroking downward only for 7 times, imprinting exactly what you want to happen.

Rule# 5: Now light the candle let it burn down. If there is negative energy around you or your situation the candle wax will trap that energy. DO NOT REUSE THE CANDLE WAX – BUT DESTROY ANY WAX THAT IS LEFT FROM THE CANDLE.


Candle Colors

White Purity, Truth, Spiritual Strength and Power

Love, Health and Enthusiasm



Light Blue Spiritual Understanding, Soothing Vibrations, Helps Collect Thoughts  


Green Money, Wealth, Financial Success, Good Harvest  


Gold (Yellow) Attraction, Magnetic Hypnotic, Captivating, Cheerfulness, Charming, Persuasive, Drawing Things and People  


Greenish Yellow Activates feelings of Jealousy, Sickness or Cowardice, Anger and Discord.  


Brown Puts actions of other in neutral, faltering or in a state of uncertainty.  


Garnet Creates Understanding love in self or another, supports healthy mind and thoughts, strength to accomplish your goals.  


Pink Success, Overcome Evil, Winner in Love, Brings only Honorable Intentions to you.  


Silver or Gray Nullifies Black Vibrations – Symbolizes Good over Evil.  


Black Sadness – Negative Vibrations  


Orange Creates nervous stimulation, brain clearing, mind builder, helps encourage adaptability to various moods. Helps develop a courageous personality and strong love in another.  


Purple Powerful for accomplishing all of your ambitions, overcoming business obstacles, creates high tension and power. SHOULD BE USED IN SMALL DOSES.

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