Creating Personal Luck


Spiritual Growth – Statement of Facts


All of us are searching for the key or keys to our spiritual growth. This series of Audio Spiritual Growth Statments of Facts will help you accomplish your spiritual goals.

It takes 28 days to change a subconscious belief and to create a new subconscious statement of fact – by listening or writing the monthly statement of facts daily – you’ll change your beliefs with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

Creating Personal Luck Statement of Facts that you can listen to twice daily or write 7 times daily to imprint the message on your subconscious mind.

Do you have the other guy syndrome. I am always amazed at that subconscious belief that many people have – that says to them God or their spiritual source will help the other person, but not them. They then begin to think of all the times they or people they have observed prayed for something or someone and nothing happened.

I give thanks to my higher power that is always with me.

Positive Audio Statement of Facts (which starts when you open this page – plays 7 times before stopping – to listen to 7 times more just hit replay.

I now truly believe that God or my Higher power is always with me and we are in constant positive communication – through this communication, I am always in the right place, at the right time and the right people help me.  I attain,maintain and expand this belief subconsciously,consciously,physically and spiritually with speed,ease,comfort and joy.


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