How to live guilt free for the rest of your life.

 Christmas is over, you are beginning a New Year. You need to begin to live guilt free.

Have you ever thought about why you feel guilty or what prompts you to go there? Does it only happen when you think about the negative events in your past? Bet so!  Over the years many of you have heard me say or read my words –  YOU CREATE YOUR FUTURE NOW WITH YOUR CURRENT THOUGHT.   You can only think one thought at a time.  Try thinking two thoughts at  time, you can’t do it.

It is also a known fact that only you control your thoughts. I don’t care what is being done to you – ONLY YOU decide how you are going to respond to the situation that you are living in.

The trick is to keep it simple – when you wake in the morning – you look at your life with the state of mind that your cup is half full.  Recognize that each positive thought you think is creating your future now with speed, ease, comfort, and joy.

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Happy New Year.