I never have a problem now. Why because I have trained myself to have only situations in my life.

Each time I had a problem, I ended up with so many blocks I thru in my way that I simply had to find another way. So now I always think I have a situation. Oh a situation! Lets see what solution do I have in solving this situation. I am clam, cool and collected to begin my situation solving.

Example:  I need more business. Do I make it a problem or a situation that I can find solutions for?

1. Have a look at hits on web-site.

2. Check on SEO tags are they working.

3. How much net work am I doing? None I am house bound with 3 blood clots. Must make a solution to change this. Will  free telephone conferences calls.

Still calm, cool, and collected – I am starting my list.

If you turn your problem into a situation see what happens. You will like it.