Daze’ Says for June:


Working with your psychic abilities is fun, but can be a mixed pleasure.  Many people’s first-time experiences with psychic abilities are frightening because they are often connected to loss – they may have felt something at the moment when someone they loved died, or after their cat or dog had passed away.


I know many people who are certain their beloved pet has haunted them, in the friendliest way for a short time, just to make sure their pet parent is going to be OK without them.


Sometimes someone who has passed visits you in the middle of the day or night. This can be unnerving, because it’s unexpected. The dead don’t telephone or email to let you know they’re going to drop by. Usually, by paying attention to the surrounding vibrations and other clues, you can tell you’re having a close encounter of the good kind.


But there can be other, more unsettling encounters. When something goes bump in the night. Or you visit somewhere, and get bad feelings being there; negative feelings without an obvious reason or cause.


Don’t let these situations stop you from developing your abilities and awareness of the non-material world. There are good and bad psychic things going on all the time. It is just sometime the bad things are stronger, coming through more easily at times.


Your Psychic affirmation: I now truly believe that I can be and am able to be safe when all psychic things happen to me. I attain, maintain, and expand this belief consciously, subconsciously, spiritual, and physically.