Daze’ Says for July:

Shooting Fish in a Barrel is a fun pastime that anyone can play. When you are sitting in a bar, and you decide you want to go home with that one interesting person on the other side of the room. How do you get him to look at you, come over and then go home with you?

If the other person doesn’t take the initiative, there’s a way that you can.

I used to do that for a friend of mine. One night we went to a redneck bar that she liked. She pointed out the one she wanted. They’d exchanged some glances and smiles over a few weeks, but he’d never had the nerve to come over and say hello. And he never went up to anyone else, either.

All I had to do was give him a little energy burst, one extra bit of encouragement on the non-physical plane, so he’d get to his feet. And he did. The next thing he knew he was standing in front of us with a very funny look on his face. I bet he thought he’d never get to talk to my friend, who was a very pretty gal. Or go  home with her.