Will be articles about things I have learned and done in my life. Sent to you to enjoy, think about and perhaps work with the ideas.



I want to tell you a story about a box. This is no ordinary box, but a box that healed people with their picture in the box and than a name. Using different colors at various times while spending time in the box. The colors were used depending on what was wrong with them.  I don’t know how it worked, it just worked.


I was living in Jupiter, Fla in the early 80’s, just a house wife, married to Victor Barnes (Barnes & Noble Book Stores), spending my time painting.  I read a story that got my attention about a healing box.  I had the time and money to play with the idea of making a box that would heal, so I set out to make this box.


I made several boxes and finally decided to use one that was a simple white box, covered it inside with alumni foil. In the top of the box were five holes in which I could put   Christmas tree lights that were white, blue, green, pink, and red. I connected these to a timer that would turn on a light and keep it lit until it was time to light another.


I would make a prescription for whomever I had in the box. The only thing I asked was for them to send a front and back picture that I could stand up in the box. Once I had them in the box I began to work the lights. Some times blue for quiet or green for healing.  I used white to help with clearing their soul so that could change they luck. Pink for loved ones, it was great for getting a husband and red of energy.


One time, my mother called me from Tulsa, OK and said, “Vonnie take me out of that box.” I asked her how she knew she was in it, her reply was, “my heart is beating out of my chest. It just started a couple minutes ago. Once I figured out what was going on, that nothing was upsetting me I knew it was you.”  She was so right.  After that experiment I decided I could use the box with just a persons name written on a piece of paper instead of their picture.  That helped a lot; many people couldn’t get pictures easily.


That’s the story of the box.  You can make one, as for the prescriptions, get quiet let your spirit guides guide you on what colors to use and for how long.


Daze’ Lisenkoff, Ph.D., C.Ht.




 This is my  monthly affirmation is. Please write once a day for the month:  I truly believe I now am and can be focused on what I want to be or do.  I attain, maintain, and expand my ability to focused on the things I want to happen subconsciously, consciously, physically, and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort and joy,