Daze’ Says


The Power of One is used in copy writing, it should be the rule for life.  So many times we are pulled this way and that way. We think we don’t have any control over being pulled this way and that.

Yes you do. You need to stop and remember the Power of One which means that you can get reorganized to be an island unto yourself.

We are all, myself, included, trying to live The Power of One. We know that once we accomplish this power – than we can move forward in our goals.

Every day we all face situations that pull us this way and that. It is life.

The Power of One means every time you have a negative thought it simply passes thru you . Why because there is nothing for it to attach the thought to. So you can stay positive.

This is not an easy fete. You can do it with practice. Deciding every time you have a negative thought or experience you  tell yourself  cancel cancel or take the best of what you can and release the rest.

With Thanksgiving just past and Christmas and New Year coming The Power of One becomes very important for each of use to enjoy that holiday seasons, no matter what is presented.

When You have become The Power of One  you can choose what you want to experience with speed, ease, comfort, and joy.

Affirmation: I now belied I can be and now am living The Power of One life consciously, subconsciously, physically and spiritually with speed,ease,comfort, and joy.