I am home, taking each day at a time. I was at deaths door for 3 days. While I was dying I didn’t think about my past, I only thought I am going to live. I fought hard and won.


I wonder how many of you have had experiences that should have brought past memories. Did it or were you determined to get past them? I give myself a 5 minute pity party than begin to move through whatever is going on.


I ask myself who is going to care in 100 hundred years. Believe me I have been through  things like losing my brother, mother and father. Living on the beach in Jupiter, Fla only to find my husband came and moved all of our furniture out. Losing my home in Washington State, living in a 22 ft trailer for 3 months in Alaska. Being grilled by the KGB for hours not knowing what was going to happen.


I know I am not alone, but it is how you react that separates the men from the boys or woman from the girls.


Affirmation: I truly believe that I can and now do face each situation in my life with courage and the will to be ok. I believe this subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort and joy.


I know that all of you can get through anything- I believe in all of you.