What is Your Attitude Going to Be?

It seems everyone these days is worrying about money. So many of us looking at how we are going to cut down on expenses or cut something completely out of our budget?

Maybe you have to tell the kids there isn't going to be a great big birthday party, or you and your husband know that you are barely going to have enough to eat, let alone pay your mortgage and other bills.

What is your attitude going to be? Is your attitude one of giving up or acting like all is OK? Or is your attitude to start to have faith that all is going to work out?

Having the attitude of understanding that when one door closes, another one will open, can give you a release from stress. No matter what that little scared voice is saying, you have to change it to say that you have the faith that you will be OK.


Writing down this affirmation will help you: I now truly believe I can and now do accept I have the internal faithto believe everything will be OK. I attain, maintain, and expand this belief subconsciously, consciously, physically, and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort, and joy.


Once you have the inner faith, the stress will subside and you'll begin to see a plan that will work out. Have a good month.


Daze' Daze' Lisenkoff, Ph.D., C.Ht.