Do your ever want to “Kick the Dog Around” when your day has been terrible? I have she I was younger. Finally I had to let that behavior go, once I realized that eve if there were other people or circumstance involved in the situation- I was the one responsible for what I did.

I looked on the situation, once I stopped being mad and could make a ration decision usually I was appalled by me behavior.

It wasn’t easy. AT first I bite my tongue, and that didn’t stop my frustration. That went on for a few years, I was still Kicking the Dog but in my mind.

In comes a book that changed my life and started me on a road of self-improvement, financial stability, and 0personal gratification. I never Kicked the Dog again. The book was Psycho-Cybernetics – written in 1989. It opened up a whole new word that I live today.

The affirmation I use today is: I now truly believe subconsciously, consciously, physically, and spiritually I am OK. I accomplish these goals with speed, ease, comfort, and joy.

Than I add 3 goals I want to accomplish. When I have accomplished a goal I replace it with another. This becomes a way of life. It has made my life so much easier and fun. It can be yours as well when you begin to make a plan for your life.

Have a good month.