Do you have the right kind of attitude to accomplish your goals, or does you attitude stink?

Everyone in the self-help business tells you that you must be positive; taking the best you can out of each situation moving forward a step at a time.

How many of you can do that? Or do you have a pity party for days on end, trying to drag anyone you can into the party with you. Of course you have willing participants that will join you – misery likes company.

I know that it is hard, but you must change your friends, you don’t want anyone who will join you in your pity party. Or you must make your friends change so that they will say– get over yourself you have 5 minutes to get back on the positive track.

The choice is yours, change and or change the group you run around with. In fact you could start a mastermind group that you can work on your goals. It only takes 2 to start one. Think about it.