Add together any birth date number, than look at the chart below to find out your personality numbers or someone you know.

Adding together the Month + Day + Year = Total

EXAMPLE: My Birth date is 7/25/1940

7+2+5+1+9+4+0=28 (2+8)= (1+0)= 1

My number is 1


Now just look at the numbers bellow to find out what your number means.

1. Your perception of Fame sits on your doorway, you take action easily and always have a definite purpose and ambition.

2. You have a dual personality, are adaptable and intelligent.

3. You are energetic, intellectual, creative and very versatile.

4. You are an organizer, known for your endurance and steadiness.

5. Adventure, being sexual, independent and artistic trips your trigger.

6. You enjoy balance and harmony, being affectionate, but have good judgment.

7. You are philosophical, loyal, intuitive and loves to be mysterious.

8. Your numbers add up to money, achievement, recognition and success.

9. You have universal influence, be spiritual and idealistic.

11. You will love a refined lifestyle and experience inspirational revelations

22. You are the master of your material world, plus having the ability to communicate spiritual with the other world.



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