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You can write new chapters in your life, put aside fears and change what you believe was unchangeable with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

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People who have worked with Daze say…

Daze is amazing…this is a gift you don’t want to pass up. I’m talking from my own experience. Daze hypnosis’ helped me let go and move forward. She is a wonderful gift and I so appreciate her. I highly recommend clicking the link and calendaring this event. Be a better you. Jennifer Estep Beahan

Laurel Black head shotI have known Daze’ Lisenkoff for over ten years as a friend and a counselor. She has been invaluable in helping me get into the parts of my heads that resist change so I can make positive progress. If you are looking for a no-excuses guide to your better self, talk to Daze’. Laurel Black



Before I contacted Daze, my life was spiraling out of control. I had no confident in myself. I was weary physically emotionally and spiritually. People I know would say I was someone who was “afraid of her own shadow”.

The day I spoke to Daze, I was impressed by her compassionate yet no nonsense mannerism- an approach that not only inspired my confident in her as a Life Coach and Spiritual healer but my trust as well.

I have tried other “spiritual advisors” in the past but non have produced the result I was seeking and needed. I am once again feeling self assured, vibrant and alive.

Daze is a blessing to me and I will continue to keep her as a part of my life and mentor for my spiritual growth. RM-Queens, NY
Daze’ is unique, talented and skilled beyond my expectations. A couple years ago I purchased an 8 minute hypnosis tape from her and used daily for about 3 months, then I followed up with with a phone appoinment. I’ve continued regular ongoing appointments leading to incredible growth and spiritual breakthroughs. She has laid the groundwork for me to go absolutely incredible places spiritually. I meditate and use self hypnosis daily.

Daze doesn’t present as a typical professional (from grammatical errors on website to abit of a brusk demeanor). This is true, but don’t let that stop you from checking what she does and offers. Back to that word unique; she’s very skilled, brings tremendous life experience/wisdom to the table, she’s psychic and has the ability (if you’re able to develop rapport with her) to lay an incredible table for your sustained personal growth.

I am available to talk with you about my experiences with Daze, should you wish. Contact daze, and she will ask me to call you. PF, Alaska.

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