I have incorporated all of my knowledge in accomplishing goals – using candle energy, imprinting the subconscious mind to support accomplishing the goal, using the Seal of Solomon which I have had as a logo for over 35 years, and 3 Palms.

When someone is burning a candle or doing any project – the energy put into anointing the candle is based on your personal subconscious beliefs – which may have negative thoughts connected with accomplishing the goals.

Once those negative vibes get into the project – they have an impact. By correcting the subconscious mind’s belief when needed – and creating a subconscious belief that you can accomplish the goal – burning the candle’s energy just helps keep the project on target.

Burning candles will help you change the astral, aura or electric magnet field’s energy surrounding the situation that you need to change in your life. There are bible verses you may read each night as you burn the correct candles to bring to you what you are asking for.  Included is how to use the Seal of Solomon to energize your candle burning session.

Once you have dressed the candles you are going to use, and they are lit they will keep what I call “your energy laser beam trained on the subject or situation”. Sending or drawing the energy needed to accomplish the goal you are working on accomplishing.

You may burn candles for the following situations:

·         Obtain Money

·         Win the Love of Man or Woman

·         Settle a Disturbed Condition in the Home

·         Obtain Work

·         Conquer Fear

·         Develop Understanding

·         Break up a Love Affair

·         Neutralize Another Who is Thought to Have Caused
Unfavorable Vibrations

Gain Prosperity·

Change One’s Luck

·         Develop Spiritual Understanding

·         Learn the Truth

·         Stress Management  – Soothe and Quiet the Nerves

·         Regain or Retain Health

·         Gain Power Over Others

·         Arouse Discord or Anger or Jealousy in Another

·         Awaken Spiritual Understanding in Another

·         Protect Against Evil Influences

·         Stop Being Slander

·         Achieve Your Goals

·         Win or Hold Happiness

Attain and Maintain Success

Included in this Candle Burning PDF are instructions for How to anoint (dress) and burn candles successfully.

Every color has its own energy power that will give a energy boost to your candle burning.

You’ll learn to use the right colors and the colors associated with astrological signs for yourself as well as who you are burning for.  Included in this Candle Burning PDF are instructions for How to anoint (dress) and burn candles successfully, use the Seal of Solomon to help energize your sessions, Crediting and imprinting the  positive subconscious belief needed to accomplish your goal.


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