Spiritual healing has had many names down through the ages. Today spiritual healing is often called Energy Balancing or Energy Healing.

Practitioners of Energy Balancing and Healing employ specialized techniques to positively affect those who are in need through a variety of diagnostic, manipulative and energetic techniques.

Vladimir Lisenkoff, MD (Ret.), C.Ht., is a retired Russian Doctor and Surgeon. He studied and practiced the techniques of Energy Medicine in his native Russia, and now brings these healing techniques to the world.

HOW HIS HEALING WORKS. When I ask him, his response was, “as I am working on a client, when their body doesn’t answer me, I know this is where their energy is blocked. Once I have discovered the why the energy block, my medical mind begins to send the prescription to the body for healing.”

Most energy workers send generic healing energy into the person, while Vladimir’s medical background knows how to repair the body, mind and spirit.

What is Energy Balancing? The field of Energy Balancing and Healing combines ancient wisdom with modern science. From the earliest medical practices until now, an increasing body of evidence has accrued that demonstrates that all organisms are composed of a mystic force or power. This force infuses the body with life-giving energy. Modern practitioners of Energy Healing now view the human body as a grouping of interconnected energy systems. They believe that an individual’s health or illness originates at this energy level. These levels, often referred to as “bio-energy fields,” control cellular growth and influence health. If these energy fields become unbalanced, the stage is set for physical, emotional or psychological trauma – in other words, disease. Through rebalancing these energy fields we can renew bodily functions, reprogram the body to resist disease and strengthen the body and the mind to fight the effects of stress or disease.

How is Energy Balancing accomplished? Vladimir Lisenkoff’s energy work is based upon many traditions and sources including modern (allopathic) medicine, homeopathy, light work, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, dream work and other practices.

Treatment is given without undressing, with full comfort in mind and with a natural respect for the body. Vladimir’s hands are his diagnostic and therapeutic tool. After closing a surgical patient he always moved his hands over their incision – his patients never had an infection.

Examination and treatment are primarily done by sensory perception to locate and treat areas of possible inflammation or tension as well as to evaluate thermal differences and mobility. Tuning forks are used to measure the auric (or aura) and electromagnetic field energies to make sure they are balanced and flowing evenly.

Remote Healing – for Vladimir is no different than if you are in the office. You need only send a front and side picture of yourself. He’ll than set 2 remote healing sessions to work with you. You only need to be sitting down and quiet during the healing session.

ENERGY HEALING will increase your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Whatever your belief, you can be healed and healthy through ENERGY HEALING.

For more information about Energy Balancing & Healing Sessions, contact Vladimir Lisenkoff, Ph. D., C.Ht. (ret. Medical Doctor & Surgeon).

Remote Healing $150.00 for 2 sessions. Call 702-982-1779.  Email Vladimir@russianhealer.com TODAY TO BOOK YOUR ENERGY HEALING APPOINTMENT.