Clairvoyant Business Consultation with Dazé

Every business has its ups and downs. A Clairvoyant Business Consultation with Dazé keeps you and your business on the leading edge of your industry.

During your Clairvoyant Business Consultation I will answer your specific business questions and advise you concerning:

1. How to turn your business around. 2. What business threads to create to generate more business

3. If a business deal or project is really worth putting the time and effort into.
4. On monthly trends – in your business & industry.

5. Should start your new business right now?

Every business is only as good as its leadership employees.

Let me clairvoyantly look at your employee list. I will be able to identify  employee “Inner Fears” that are effecting your P & L Statement.

Do I have to see Dazé in person for the best Clairvoyant Consultation?

No you don’t, in fact I prefer doing all of my readings by telephone. In the clairvoyant world there is no time nor space.

What happens during a Clairvoyant Business Consultation with Dazé?

When we first start speaking, let me tell you what I see. Than you may ask me questions or speak about employees.

How often should you have a Clairvoyant Business Consultation with Dazé?

Once very 6 months for trends.

When you are seeing or sensing a negative situation.

When hiring a new employee.

When you as the owner or manager are feeing blocked.

How long should a Clairvoyant Business Consultation with Dazé last?

A Clairvoyant Business Consultation for a 6 months period should take no more 30 minutes.


TESTIMONIAL A very profound reading- full of insights and confirmations. Daze’ saw – read thing that were/are truly unknown to anyone other than I. A true clairvoyant! Try her and you’ll experience her spiritual knowledge. Dorothy – Denver, CO

To set up an appointment either send email or call 702-982-1779.  $125.00