Soul Spiritual Revitalization


Mending The Broken Spiritual Thread to Your Soul Using Spirit Guides,Yours and Mine.

For several years I lived with a Shaman in Shishmaref, Alaska. We shared knowledge both of us had been trained to use to help humanity.

I shared the teachings my Spiritualist Grandmother had taught me. He the training of his lineage. The striking thing was that both of us could see the same spirits – using them in soul revitalization, although we both came from very different training grounds.

Revitalizing your soul is the same as re-connecting you with you own Personal Spiritual Guides.

Each of us goes through a period of what is called “The Darkness of the Soul”. Everyone, in his or her lifetime passes through this phase of life.

The spiritual path you have chosen to live up to this point will determine the key to the spiritual outcome you will experience after you have passed through “The Darkness of the Soul”. Many people do the spiritual talk most of their lives – yet they can’t do the walk.  Why? Simply because they have been just doing lip service in their spiritual lives. Creating energy blocks that starts the darkness of the soul process that in turn blocks the connections to God, Spiritual Source, Inner Self, Others, Spirit Guides, Earth and the Cosmos.

How do you know when your Soul is in its darkness? When you begin to experience the feeling that there is something more in life and you are missing out. If you yearn for a fuller sense of vitality and connection to life, if you feel that something is missing or “you’ve never been the same since…” soul revitalization can put you on the path to healing your connections to self, to loved ones, to the earth and the cosmos.

The questions for you to ask yourself is:

1. Are you tired of chasing your tail.
2. Are you tired of being tired.
3. Are you always looking outside yourself for help?

How have filled your “black hole” that is created during your “Darkness of the Soul” or Souls Starvation with:

1. With addictions.
2. Codependent issues
3. Abusive relationships.
4. Turned into a, workaholic
5. Experience chronic illness
6. Or are always looking for that spiritual high that you can’t maintain?


The Eskimo and Russian Shamans I was trained by called the above symptoms of the black hole – Spiritual Starvation of the Soul. They believe that traumatic experiences result in the soul’s starvations. This starvation is identified as a loss of part of our of the vital essence that keeps us alive. The soul connections are so clogged with the human feelings of numbness; there is very little spiritual connection to their “Inner self and spirit guides”.

In classical shamanism, SOUL SPIRITUAL STARVATION often manifests as depression,mental illness,physical pain, personal isolation, comas, or near death states. Why? The life force that the body depends on – is not flowing freely. There is just enough of this Life Force to keep you search for help.

With the “clogging of the soul connections with our Life Force becomes weaker and weaker. When this weakness becomes so strong – we begin to disassociate from our reality – looking for any source of energy we can find to help us feel strong. When the SOUL SPIRITUAL STARVATION is “full blown”, the person becomes a PSYCHIC VAMPIRE to survive. Any hit of energy will do,but the person who is suffering from SOUL SPIRITUAL STARVATION can never get enough of anything.


· Dissociation
· Emotional Numbness
· Feelings of Detachment
· Selective Amnesia – not being able to remember events or time periods in your life.
· Always being tired.
· Addictions
· Chronic illness
· Depression

Dealing with SOUL’S SPIRITUAL STARVATION, is very different than changing your human subconscious beliefs. You must begin to re-vitalize your Spirit Guide connections that nourish your spiritual self. It is those connections that come from your Spiritual Source – not from your man made subconscious beliefs.

Changing your subconscious beliefs will help the process, as well as maintain your Soul Revitalization. There must be a Spiritual Connection between you and your Guides. It is they who will keep the connection open, and you functioning on your spiritual soul level.



It is my job to restore you tospiritual wholeness, you were born with. I leave the ordinary consciousness, journeying to the dept of your soul and than to the spirit world speaking with your Spirits Guides. It is your Spirit Guides who will tell me how to revitalize your connection to them. Once this is done they begin working on the spiritual plane with you, for your healing.

Once the soul is revitalized, you may begin to feel many new physical changes and a new presence in the body, a sense of fullness. YOU BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE WHAT I CALL “THE PEACEFUL EASY FEELING THAT COMES WHEN YOUR SOUL IS CONNECTED TO ITS SPIRITUAL SOURCE.

As your selective amnesia becomes less, the lost memories and emotions that have been so painful, begin to return. You will find, they have turned into just a past experience with no energy charge. As in life, each of us has different results depending on our Karma. Some feel instantaneous change; for others the change is subtler. Observe how your destructive family patterns that have repeated over generations finally end, begin to change. If you have had a pattern of negative experiences with your significant others – watch their responses to you. You begin to live in the now!! When your are totally in the presence, you begin to understand that each thought you think “Creates Your Future Now”. If we are totally here, we can no longer tolerate behaviors that are not life-supportive. Addictions are replaced with wholeness and balance. “Numbing out” is no longer an option.

As a Hypnotherapist I know that you must make the subconscious belief changes that support the return of your soul’s vitality. So it is important to include a therapy session (which is included in the process) as part of your SOUL SPIRITUAL REVITALIZATION Process.

On a global scale  SOUL SPIRITUAL REVITALIZATION is used to heal and protect our planet and cosmos. As we as humans become more and more involved in developing the world to suit our needs – our lands are losing their souls. Also, if we as people are whole and life affirming, we are not going to be acting in a way that destroys the earth. So at this point in time, it is critical to restore wholeness not only to people, but also to the cosmos.

Many times I have heard, from my Spirit Guides, that the environment is now past the point of a physical healing by science and that a spiritual healing is now our only possible answer. SOUL SPIRITUAL REVITALIZATION is a spiritual solution.

We are a cultural of “How To Help Ourselves.” Which on many levels we can. Soul Revitalization is not something that you can do for yourself. Someone who has – been trained from birth to do so must do it.

There are 2 sessions included in my Soul’s Revitalization Program.

Session one: I travel to all levels  of your soul communicating with the Spirit Guides.
Session two: Is an motivational subconscious session for creating the subconscious belief to support your Soul’s Revitalization.

I invite you to send me an email to or call 702-340-5932 to set up an appointment  for your Soul’s Revitalization.


The fee is $299..00 for 3 sessions.