Reading Auras is Easy.

An example of how reading auras can help you. My father, who owned 800 trucks, made cold calls, if the person’s aura was close to his body, daddy just left his card saying, “I’ll come back next week".  If the person’s aura was full, he would sit down and pitch. Usually he made a sale.

I have determined that people write publications, filled with lots of stuff that just fills the pages. I believe in Kiss method of keeping it simple star.

Anyone can read auras; it is just a matter of understanding where they are and how you actually see them.

Start by watching the glow around a light bulb, by un-focusing your eyes. Sounds simple it is, as you stare at the glow around the light bulb, you start to become accustom to seeing only it not the light bulb.

Once again, un-focus your eyes as you hold a piece of paper against a wall, staring at it. Than remove it and watch the glow behind it.

Do these two things until when you can look at a person or an object to see its aura.

You begin to observe if the auras will be full or tight. As you see these auras, you'll than start to see colors.

It is easy to a read aura; just do the exercises and you have a jump on the people who can't see them.

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