Removing Negative Blocks

Spiritual Growth  – Statements of  Facts.

Having trouble communicating with your Guides?  Perhaps there is a negative subconscious belief that is blocking their voices.   The Subconscious Mind thinks in terms of pictures – when you begin to want to communicate with your guides – the picture that comes to mind – maybe very negative.  I bring this up recently I had a client who wanted to get deeper messages from her guides. During the session when I ask her to go to her subconscious psychic center

Positive Audio Statement of Facts (which starts when you open this page – plays 7 times before stopping – to listen to 7 times more just hit replay.) 

I now truly believe that God or my Higher Power is always with me and we are in constant communication with this communication, we are removing all blocks to my natural psychic abilities.

I attain, maintain and expand this belief subconsciously, consciously, physically and spiritually with speed, ease, comfort and joy.