What are Vladimir's “Energy Balancing & Healing” clients saying?

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your positive thoughts and prayers…and are so appreciative of Vlad’s offer to see [our son] on such short notice. We were fascinated to watch him at his work. We know he can help [our son’s] brain to heal.” – S. & K.

During a reading with Daze' I told her about a medical condition my partner has. Daze’s suggested I send a picture to her husband and he would look to see what he can do. I emailed Vladimir a photo showing  the extreme eczema with the eczema lesions on my partner. Within a month it slowly started to clear itself up. I am happy to state today its 98% cleared up.

Dawn M L Baker
Anchorage, Alaska

I want to thank you for the energy work that you did for me during my recent visit to the state of Washington. I have severe pain and stiffness in my knees for the past three years. The energy treatments you did while I was there were very effective. After three weeks I am still able to get down on my knees with very little pain and stiffness…This was impossible before you did your work.” – J. K.


“After being injured, I was amazed to see that my calf never did develop a bruise and all indications of any kind of injury completely disappeared within a few days of your treatment. I have been recommending you to numerous people and I’m very glad you are here to offer this kind of work on the peninsula!” – S.M.



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