When things go bump in the night! 


I wonder how many of you on this list – have had a subconscious belief created during your formative years that put the brakes on you accomplishing your metaphysical goals. 

Perhaps you were raised in a religion that thinks – anything metaphysical will send you to hell in a hand-basket.  Or one or both of the authority figures in your formative years didn’t believe in such non-sense that people can see the future, speak to the dead, or send healing energy to stop pain.  Or the classic is the crazy Aunt or Grandmother you only went to see when you wanted to know something. 

If you have any negative subconscious beliefs rolling around in your head – they definitely will stop your metaphysical progress. No matter how many books you read, tapes or cds you listen to – until you are sure that your subconscious beliefs are congruent with what you want to accomplish metaphysically, you be blocked in some way.

The Statement of Facts:  I now truly believe I can be and now am safe in developing my metaphysical abilities. I attain, maintain and expand this belief with speed, ease, comfort and joy.

I have started new open forum where those of us can exchange ideas. You  are free to post your ideas answer any emails posted.  This all started because I was in a group (I had never been in an open group) and the moderator wanted me to make copies of programs that I had. If I didn’t I would be taken off the list.  Well I didn’t and he did. But  I miss the interaction with the group  so here we are. I am looking for likeminded people who want to share their thought.  This doesn’t replace The Feel Good Place ezine –is only an add-on value.


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