Daze’ Says

Have you ever thought that you’d been together in another life with someone who is important to you in this life?

I have had two husbands; one I knew I’d known before. The other I didn’t, but decided through astrology to marry him anyway. But in some way, emotionally I was “holding my breath” with him, waiting to see if we really would work out.

One husband I thought was the love of my life. We were so psychically close that we could send clear mental messages without any effort, even able to direct each other to our current locations. We traveled all over the world, exploring places we had never been in this lifetime, but would seek out spots that had been there in our past lives, and there they were!  That was so much fun! (I remember walking into the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, knowing exactly where I was and very comfortable with the surroundings.)

With the other husband, my Russian husband, I didn’t have a clue we’d ever been together in any past life, much less more than one past life. But at our first meeting each in our own way decided we should marry, that we would marry, and we did. Dell, my astrologist in Palm Beach, called me in Russia and said, “You don’t have to marry him; but if you do and get it right, this will be the last time you are together.”

I remembered those words. In the first years of our marriage it was hell, but I kept remembering Dell’s words: if you do it right you won’t have to do it again. So I stuck in there and boy, am I glad – we have turned into two comfortable old shoes!

Once I had finished the call from Dell, I thought about things for a little bit. And then I did something you all can do to see your past lives. Get in a darkened room with a lighted candle. Look into a mirror and unfocus your eyes. Give it a few minutes, and your face will begin to change. You will see your past lives, both female and male.

Have a good month – email me with your results.