Communicating with the Invisible Helpers

Spiritual Growth – Statements of Facts

Each day in every way – it is important that you communicate with your Invisible Helpers, Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. As you are moving through your day, starting to feel overwhelmed, harried, or just plain tired – now is the time to stop to communicate with your helpers in the invisible – asking them for help, energy or spiritual enlightenment.

As you communicate daily with your “Invisible Helpers” the process becomes easier and easier. All of sudden you’ll feel as if they are reading your mind. Actually they have been since you were born, but your becoming aware of them now keeps your  lines of communication open 24 – 7.

Positive Audio Statement of Facts starts when you open one of these pages. It plays 7 times before stopping – to listen to 7 times more just hit replay.

I now truly believe that God or my Higher power is always with me and we are in constant positive communication with this communication, I am training my mind to work with my invisible helpers,Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels easily. I attain, maintain and expand this belief subconsciously, consciously,physically and spiritually with speed, ease,comfort and joy.

If you don’t have speakers, write the Statement of Facts 7 times daily until, you know, your subconscious mind has accepted your new Spiritual Growth Statements of Facts.