A very profound reading – full of insights and confirmations. Daze' saw – read things that were/are truly unknown to anyone other than I. A true clairvoyant! Try her and you'll experience her spiritual knowledge. Dorothy M.
Dear Daze',

Congratulations with the show, I always knew you were a star.

I don’t know if you remember what you said to me at the bar in the Hotel the last night of the course, but it proved to be so accurate I can’t begin to tell you. I have been taking in what you said and putting it to good use.

Lots Of Love from the Englishman.


Dear Daze',

I got a reading from you and I am, once again, thoroughly impressed. First you picked up on a trip that we are about to take, to a very unusual seminar, even though we had not even planned to bring that up.

Then you gave me very valuable information about how to get my new career off the ground.

Your are absolutely amazing, both as an intuitive and as a coach.

Not only that but you also taught us a great new self-treatment method, to help us overcome blockages to meeting our goals.

Thank you very much,

Michael John Howard, CTM
Published Author and Certified Trainer
Titles Include: Angels On Assignment and The Unquenchable Thirst
I met Daze’ in 1999 while she still was residing in AK.

I have several items that she pinpointed on the nose and I would like to share them with you.

I met her at get together at a bookstore in AK . While talking with her Daze’ told me I was soon to be purchasing a home with in a year’s time. Well that was interesting since I was looking to purchase my first home and had already looked at 5 homes that week. I did buy my home in 2000.

I was single when I met Daze but she assured me not to worry becausein 18 months all will be fine. Well in 18 months I was not single and not living alone in my new home.

She also told me that a friend of mine whom is 30 yrs older then me may have some numbness in his arm and may end up in the hospital. Well my best friend whom is 65 this year did have a spell of numbness in his left arm and had a small heart issue 1-2 yrs ago but is doing well today. What is quite interesting after not speaking with Daze’ for 4 yrs I called her recently Jan of 2005. She new exactly whom I was and inquired what was going on with the employment I have been in for 9 yrs.

Daze’ mentioned something about it being “done”. I laughed and told her I was “done” mentally working for this small company and will be changing careers hopefully in the summer time. Now to the important part of all this. I talked to Daze’ May 24,2005 and was actively searching to see when I would be starting my new career. Daze’ thought I already started but I told her I was pounding the pavement. Daze told me probably in 30 or so days I would be hired. I am happy to say less then 30 days. 28 days to the from when I spoke with Daze’ I received a call to start my new career.

We also talked about a medical condition my partner has and that Daze’s husband would look to see what he can do. I emailed Vladimir a photo of the extreme eczema with the eczema lesions on my partner. Within a month it slowly started to clear itself up. I am happy to state today its 95% cleared up.

Daze is fantastically right on.

Dawn M L Baker
Anchorage, Alaska
Dear Daze',

You have been reading for me for over 25 years and I have always found you to be very accurate.

I just got off of a conference call with you and, as always, was amazed by how attuned you were to me, what goals I am working on in my life, and how I can make them a reality. My conversation with you was not only filled with very useful information, but was also quite a fun experience.

I plan to be visiting with you like this often in the future.

Thank you very much,

Linda Howard
Daze, I want to thank you for your helpful insight. Every time you gave me spiritual guidance, it was right on the nose! My favorite one was when you told me that I would be married in 18 months and, sure enough, I met him and we were engaged by the 18 month timeline. By telling me that I would meet this wonderful man on my trip overseas, my heart and my mind were open to it. Thank you for sharing your precious gift with me and I will look forward to many more chances to "follow my dreams"… Paula K. Archer

Dear Daze, I had a reading from you a few months ago and I have to tell you, Daze,  I thought you were really "way off" on one point. You told me that I should take my talents to Corporate America. Well, I never heard such a crazy thing!

I am a spiritual healer and energy therapist what could I do for corporate America that they would be willing to accept? I really felt you were just getting your wires crossed or something.

Shortly after our reading, I had a Divine revelation on how to help people with their money problems- I put it in workshop form and did a write up for the newspaper.

An attorney read the write up and asked me to come do a workshop for the whole staff.

I was invited to do a presentation for the local college.

A doctor heard about me and asked me to come do an "energy cleanse" of his office.

Just last night a real estate developer from Houston called me to see about me coming and doing the workshop for her staff.

Sure sounds like Corporate America to me!

So hear is my advice to those of you who may be thinking of having a reading with Daze.

Keep an open mind, Just because something is not in your reality right now doesn't mean in can't be. Ask Daze what you can do to help things happen faster for you.

Well, Daze, I can't wait to have another reading from you and this time, if you tell me something" crazy", I'll believe you and start looking for it.

Sincerely, Rebecca Marina

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