When Mercury has gone retrograde, we usually feel the effects at least 5 days before and after the planet starts to change direction.

What does the retrograde mean to you?  I am not an astrologer – but have learned by experience what happens when you start something new under retrograde Mercury. It either has to be adjusted or it fails completely.

The best use of retrograde Mercury is to deal with past issues – within yourself, with other, in all areas of your life, including past lives and  your electromagnetic force field past attachments.  Once you have cleared your past issue – you can begin to formulate a plan for going forward.  No matter how anxious you are about putting your new plan(s) in place- give yourself at least 5 days after the date of the retrograde period you are in starts forward.

Also, this is a time when what you think you have said you could be very miss understood by the person you are saying it too. Or letters get lost in the mail and  e-mails don’t arrive. It is the time to check and recheck about your correspondence.

People and situations show up in your life. An example is an e-mail I received while writing  Metaphycial Words for Thought. He is referencing our graduating from a Master Stage Hypnosis Class in Los Vegas in June. I had shared with the class that my Stage Hypnosis Shows are dong great.


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